Trinity United Methodist Church - A Brief History
By: Thelma Wess, Church Historian
     Along the banks of the Patapsco River in Baltimore County, Maryland, there is a little mill town called “Oella”. The people of Oella decided that they wanted a church. Mr. W. A. Dickey Jr., who owned the mill and the town, donated the land and the people did the rest. The first service of the Oella Methodist Church was held on Sunday, October 23, 1904.
     Many years later, the people realized that they could better serve the community by building a larger church. For many years the Sunday School picnic had been held on the property at the corner of Rockwell and Westchester Avenues. What a better place for a church than the old picnic ground?
     At that particular time, Trinity Church at the corner of Wabash and Liberty Heights Avenues in Baltimore City, was in the process of disbanding. It was decided that their funds would be turned over to the Oella Church with the stipulation that the new church be called “Trinity”.
     After some delays and difficulties (like the time the roof rafters were not braced properly and they all fell down in domino fashion) the church was finally built. The first service was held on January 24, 1965. It rained on Saturday and, since it was January, it was very cold. On Sunday morning they found that the rain had turned to ice and the parking lot was an ice rink. Regardless of that, there were 287 people present at that first service.
     Mr. Dickey had shown the little church many kindnesses so, in his memory, a small round chapel was added to the side of the new church. It is connected to the main building by a breezeway. Small weddings, baptisms and other functions are held in the chapel.
      Thus it is, because of the hard work of a small group of dedicated people and the Grace of God, we now have Trinity United Methodist Church of Catonsville, Md.


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