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Message From: Nancy Cecil   |   Email Address:
Hi. I was the organist there many years ago when Rev. Carroll Gunkel and Roby Eastridge were there. I was wondering if anyone I know is still there; a wonderful church. Nancy Cecil, Austin, Texas
Posted 08/04/2015

Message From: Lisa Ellison   |   Email Address:
Hello TUMC. Anyone remember me? Was a member 11 years ago when we moved to NC. Does anyone remember that we used to give out bread to visitors on Sunday mornings with a poem? If anyone has that poem will you please send it to me? I would like to start that tradition at my new church, The First Reformed Church of Cary. Come visit us if you are in the area. Lisa, Mike, Kristen, Matt, Hannalee
Posted 03/13/2013

Message From: Claire Cochran   |   Email Address:
Hello to my adopted church family. I'm Michele Elder's big sis. You may remember my visit back in 2010. My church family and I here in Illinois are 'borrowing' your idea about the Easter Eggs this year. None of us have ever made candy before. Should prove interesting. Please keep our endeavors in your prayers. Hoping to see you soon. Blessings.
Posted 02/19/2013

Message From: Nancy Cecil   |   Email Address:
Reverend Gunkel asked me to start a choir for the early service in the 60's. I then became church organist. The choir and church were wonderful to me, when I moved back to Texas, and my daughter was later married at Trinity Church. You are always dear to me.
Posted 05/31/2012

Message From: joyce komara   |   Email Address:
i grew up in oella and remember when this church replaced ours in the community. although i have been gone from that area for many years i am so happy to see the many ministries you offer. May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others.
Posted 03/17/2011

Message From: holly spencer   |   Email Address:
I wish I still lived in catonsville I grew up in this churched and would love for my kids to do the same.
Posted 01/09/2010

Message From: Pat Williams   |   Email Address:
I liked your site.
Posted 03/31/2009

Message From: Susan Easton   |   Email Address:
I am proud to be Michele Elder's cousin. She invited me to take a look at the church website and here I am. You are very blessed to have Michele as your church secretary. She tells me many good stories about the community which thrives at Trinity. That al
Posted 04/04/2008

Message From: Jill Stewart   |   Email Address:
My father use to be the pastor at this church (Thomas Stewart) and its always held a special place in my heart. Hope all are well. I think of you often. Jill
Posted 09/26/2007