Homemade Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs


Easter Egg Orders

Do I Smell Homemade Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs???
Why Yes you do.
Trinity United Methodist Church is proud to announce that again this year they will be busy as little bunnies making those delicious chocolate covered Easter eggs.
Each 7.5 oz egg is beautifully decorated or get it personalized at no extra cost.
Eggs only cost $6.00 each. Please click below to download an order form.
2019 Easter Egg Order Form
2019 Easter Egg Flyer
Orders are DUE
Tuesday, March 26th ready for pick up by Saturday,
March 30th 

Please return the completed form to the Church office or fax it to:


Thank you for your order.


In 2012 Trinity United Methodist Church donated 12 Easter Eggs to the prize wheel at Children's Road To Recovery. We also took some of our delicious Easter Eggs to sell. Every egg we sold during the event Trinity donated part of it to Children's Road To Recovery.


To Learn More About Children's Road To Recovery